Wellness Workshops

With Gaiazen, you learn healthy coping skills and
wellness planning for a healthier AND happier life!

Wellness Workshops


Join a Wellness Workshop to learn new ways of being, find inspiration and a surround yourself in a supportive group of women!

Gaiazen Wellness workshops provide the latest information on health and wellness in an interactive, dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Each individual comes to the group with different needs, learning styles and ways of sharing. Each individual determines how they will benefit from our workshops but can always count on relevant information, enlightening conversation, and emotional support. Many have found Gaiazen wellness workshops to be a deeply educational experience that provides a strong community of connections with themselves and others. Being part of such a group inspires and adds momentum to the desire to change.

Topics for Wellness Workshops include:

Single Evening Workshops

Suddenly Single Series
Cost $30.00+hst each session

Suddenly Single
(for women who have experienced a loss of a relationship)

Suddenly Single with Kids
(for women on their own with children)

Suddenly Single and Scared
(for women who are on their own and concerned about finances)

*You can take one, two or all workshops.

*These workshops are available three times a year.  Contact me to find out more.

A 4 Week Program

Get Unstuck. Become Grounded and Calm.

Thursday evenings (7-9)

These workshops build on each other and there is a mix of learning activities, discussion, reflection and practical application of skills. The group is for women and is kept to a small size (8) so that trust and support gets built into the group process. Workshops take place in my home near the beaches area. Light (gluten and caffeine free) refreshments are served.

There is an option for the group to stay in touch by Facebook (a private page) for continued communication, support and mutual motivation. There is also an option to have individual coaching between workshops.

By the end of each workshop session you will have:

New information based on the latest research

An opportunity to try out a new skill

A tangible exercise or strategy that you can practice on your own

Resources such as tips, short articles and links, referral ideas

An opportunity to book an individual coaching session

A new path to move forward with!

Here is a breakdown of what 4 weeks with Gaiazen can help you achieve.





Where you are

Your current situation, ways of coping and current support system.

We will cover stress and its impact, how the brain works (or doesn’t) when under stress. We wil be introducing coping strategies that are showing really good results such as visualization, Emotional Freedom Techniques* (Tapping), and breathing exercises.

Where have you been

Your story, triggers, and patterns of coping.

We will be covering how our brain keeps us stuck, why it is natural to self sabotage when trying to break a negative patterns or habit. We will make the link between how our thoughts shape our mood and behaviour. Most importantly, how we can challenge limiting beliefs (that we may not even be aware of) that need to be addressed in order to make lasting change.

We will also be identifying and building on natural strengths, using mindfulness, tapping and visualization to break unhealthy patterns.

Where do you want to go

How would you like to be? What is your preferred coping style and life situation? We will start identifying goals.

We will cover change theory, goal setting, motivation, self sabotage, positive coping, and removing obstacles.  Practicing strategies together like visualization, tapping, meditation and mental rehearsal are skills that will help sustain your moving forward.

How you are going to get there

Staying motivated.  Finding supports.  Understanding and being mindful of patterns.  Making choices.

We will cover staying motivated, following through, identifying and addressing relapse into negative coping, and creating a maintenance plan of healthy coping.




4 part workshop series

Welcome to the New You!

* For more details call 416 805 2616

Break free from limiting beliefs. The possibilities are endless.


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