Get Grounded and Calm

When we are distressed, it is difficult to stay connected to our true selves. We become overwhelmed by our own or others expectations, and may experience strong negative emotions such as anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties. This is because unresolved emotional issues often get triggered by old limiting beliefs that have been created in our past, usually as a child. Every time we reinforce one of our limiting beliefs (an example can be ‘I am not worthy’ or ‘I am not competent’), we fire the neural pathways associated with that belief and that chips away at our authentic self.

“We live in a palace of possibilities limited only by the writing on our walls”
Gary Craig (Founder of EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Otherwise known as tapping, EFT is a gentle technique that helps to reprocess past specific events, often distressing, in a new and expanded way. This process allows us to replace outdated and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving us, with new conclusions and filters that help us experience life in new ways. EFT can be described as emotional acupressure because it involves gently tapping on designated end points of the ancient Chinese meridian system while focusing on an area of discomfort or distress. By doing so, the body’s energy system is relieved and emotional blocks are released. The relief one experiences is often evident immediately.

Though it is hard to believe tapping different parts of your face can alleviate all sorts of distress, it is literally does. It does this by simply interrupting the stress response and calming down the nervous system. Research has shown great results in resolving anxiety, pain, trauma, phobias and depression. It is a strategy that I regularly teach others because once you know it, you can do it anywhere to come back to a place of feeling grounded and calm.


EFT is an effective tool for dealing with:

Stress and overwhelm




Sadness, grief, loss

Physical pain

Chronic illness

Performance issues

Relationship issues

EFT helps to unblock emotional issues that are held in the body, which then allows energy to flow unhindered. This flow of energy is what creates our vitality, joy and resilience!