Marina Johnston

Welcome to my Health and Wellness practice which I have named Gaiazen.

My vision is to enable those who seek change in their lives transition to a state of lasting health and well-being.

Taking the latest research in neuroscience, adult learning principles and positive psychology, I bring an evidence informed approach to my work with clients. My extensive nursing background combined with my graduate degree provides a strong foundation in conventional approaches to health. I combine this knowledge with holistic and alternative approaches to help clients learn practical ways to achieve health and vitality.

My interest in Eastern practices around health began over 15 years ago.
I was going through a very stressful period raising two children on my own. I was worried that I was going to regret not getting a handle on my stress because I knew it was impacting them. I was over the top. I learned meditation by jumping into a 10 day silent retreat which helped me realize how much stress was running my life. It also taught me how I was recreating negative patterns that I had experienced growing up.

My Nursing Career

I started in nursing over 30 years ago, working primarily in the field of public health.  My work focused on health promotion. It was during this time I completed my Master in Education and Counselling Psychology. I am a member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) and Complementary Therapies Nurses Interest Group (CTNIG); and a past member of the International Neuro-leadership Institute. I have completed training (level 1&2) of Emotional Freedom Techniques and am currently enrolled in a national certification program that will be completed in 2017.

Mental Health and Health Education

My life’s purpose is to help people transition to transformation.  Much of my previous work in public health involved consultation and training regarding mental health and mental illness. I have done extensive training in narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma and the brain which has led me to this very inspiring work today. I am most gratified when witnessing clients make meaningful changes in their thinking, perceptions and ultimately their life.

My Clients are diverse and they all want the same thing –
To be Happy and Healthy.


The name Gaiazen comes from Gaia (grounded) and Zen (calm).The hummingbird represents the approach I take to my work with clients. Did you know that the hummingbird is the most versatile of birds, the only one that can fly backwards?! I chose it to represent the unique, flexible and creative approach I bring to coaching partnerships. I help clients identify where they are at, where they want to go, and how they will achieve optimal health, vitality and renewed connection with themselves and others.

I look forward to joining you on your journey!

My Education

I am trained as an Action Learning Coach and completed Extended DISC Certification in 2014.

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